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77A, "Hristo Botev" blv, fl. 3
Sofia 1303, Bulgaria
Tel./fax: 359 2 931 24 00
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Mob. tel.: 0887 705 325

77A "Hristo Botev" Blvd., Fl. 3,
Sofia1303, Bulgaria

Phone:  +359 2 931 24 00
Mobile.: +359 893 414 404, 
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Our team is thrilled to announce PERSONAL KONSULT - G.POPOV has won a new COSME project called PLEASE “Please Let Enjoy a Seniors Experience” (699512).  This new project is coordinated by the A.N.A.S. Associazione Nazionale di Assistenza Sociale, and has been designed to respond to the THEME 1 -"Increasing tourism flows in low/medium seasons for seniors and youth target groups", call COS-TOUR-2015-3-04-1; Rdg EASME.
The project PLEASE targets seniors aged 55-70. The tourism product will be developed through the opportunities offered by the model sharing economy and the web technologies. Seniors will be informed of these new opportunities via training sessions, which aim to teach them how surf web and best use the new technologies and new models in order to lower their costs and to take advantage of new (if they weren’t regular travellers) or more frequent travels abroad for themselves and for others.



Our team is thrilled to announce PERSONAL KONSULT -G.POPOV has won a new COSME project called TastyCheeseTOUR (699418). This project is coordinated by the MANCOMUNIDAD DEL NORTE DE GRAN CANARIA, and has been designed to respond to the call COS-TOUR-2015-3-04-1; Rdg EASME.       
TastyCheeseTOUR will develop blended itineraries (cultural, industrial, culinary, agricultural and livestock) in rural and deprived regions that produce high quality cheese, mainly Protected Designation of Origin (PDO), Traditional Speciality Guaranteed (TSG) and Protected Geographical Indication (PGI).


Dear colleagues,
Do you intent to apply for funding to run an Erasmus+ mobility project?

Do you need experienced and reliable partner from Bulgaria?

Do you want to learn more about Bulgaria and the Balkans?

Personal Konsult – G. Popov (PIC 949837775) is an organization that was established in 1991 in Sofia,  Bulgaria. Our main activities and expertise are in the area of Human Resource Management alongside the development and elaboration of different programs for Adult trainings. We are certified and we use a Quality system ISO 9001:2008
Having in mind our experience, we can definitely say that the services offered by us are characterized by high quality, professionalism, reliability and flexibility.

Choose one of our training programs below:

Duration: 5 days without travel; Venue: Sofia, Dates to be confirmed

As a host organization we provide the following services:
• Accommodation (full-board or half board);
• Transfers from airports and ports, organized on request;
• Local Travel Pass;
• Training Courses, arranged for adults, students,Vet professionals;
• Work placement with professional Companies. Tutoring;
• Language Training courses in small groups with fully qualified teachers;
• One to one Monitoring and Mentoring;
• Orientation Meeting and Tour of Sofia;
• Social events;
• Cultural trips arranged;
• 24/7 Welfare Support;
• Final Certification and Europass.

 For more details, please contact us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


EU SKY ROUTE (SI2.655609), financed by European Commission, DG ENTERPRISE AND INDUSTRY
This project aims to draw a route of astronomical sites in Europe giving value to our Astronomy Heritage. Gathering both knowledge and observation of the current sky, and the knowledge acquired by the European wise people and scientists of all times that have been enabling and achieve a common social and economic development. Be capable of binding new expectations of active leisure and the infrastructure that Europe has in the field of astronomy is the challenge of this proposal.
Participants are organizations from Spain, Italy, Poland, Greece and Bulgaria.

  JOB SKILLS (2013-1-TR1-LE004-481014), partnership project financed by Life Long Learning Programme;
The main objective of this partnership is to share and compare skills and competences in the field of vocational education and training. The funds will be used for practice purpose by sharing experiences, sharing ideas and development of training programs. One of the main goals is to increase the attractiveness of vocational education and training of and to promote the mobility of employees.
Participants are organizations from Turkey, Italy, Poland, France, Spain and Bulgaria.

MOTIVATE LEARNING, Grundtvig workshop (2013-1-BG1-GRU-13-00078) financed by Life Long Learning Programme;
The workshop aims: to make participants familiar with the basic features of perception and learning methods in different age groups; to developed intercultural behavioral skills relevant to the psychology of different ethnic groups in different countries; to build a system of methods and approaches for analyzing and using previous knowledge of adult learners in their learning process; to practice how to receive regular feedback from students and how to use it to enhance their motivation, involvement in learning process, interest and practical knowledge.
Organizer-Personal Konsult- Gantcho Popov

 EMOLL (510007-2010-LLP-CZ-LEONARDO-LMP) - Efficiency measurement of lifelong learning, using balanced scorecard concept, financed by Life Long Learning Programme;
The EMOLL project responds to the lack of clear methodology for educational efficiency measurement applicable for organizations and companies standing out formal and non-formal lifelong educational system by delivering both, a global and general approach, with a set of indicators as well as a framework that needs to be adapted to the particular environment of each company or organization on the basis of its objectives, contexts, strategy.
Participants are organizations from Czech Republic, Italy, Poland, France, Bulgaria and Turkey.  

 EQUIP II (2010-1-FI1-LEO05-0305) - European Education, Competences and Qualifications in Home Care for Older People; financed by Life Long Learning Programme
The main purpose of this project was to improve transparency and comparability of qualification and competencies across Europe for students and home care workers with older people.
Participants are organizations from Finland, Greece, Bulgaria and Turkey.



Twelve youths form the lyceum for Social Pedagogy and Psychology “E. Pascal” situated in Pompeii, Italy for the period between the 22nd of September and the 12th of October 2012 completed an educational practice in Bulgaria. For their partner and host organization in Bulgaria they have chosen “Personal Consult – Gancho Popov”.

 Our team was not only responsible for the accommodation of the group and the logistics during their visit in Bulgaria, but also for the organization and the conduct of the practical education of the Italian youths.

We gave the opportunity to the trainees to put in practice everything that they have learned in the “E. Pascal” Lyceum, through the meetings that we have organized with children from different age groups – from preschool age children through pupils in elementary, primary and secondary education.

To enrich the visit of the young psychologist from Italy and make the practical side of the things as useful as possible we introduced them to the methods for work with children with special educational needs.

Further, we introduced our Italian guests with the best practices that are implemented in different kinder gardens, schools, day care centers, homes for children deprived of parental care and other educational institutions in Sofia and the region.

Along with the practical sessions of the group we have provided a course which consisted lectures with different professors working in the field of social services form the Bulgarian Alma Mater. This allowed the students to gain knowledge and prepare for the upcoming for them stage of academic education and vocational training.

The successful completion of the educational practice was followed by an official ceremony, in the European Information Center in Sofia, where certificates of achievement were awarded to the students.

 To make the visit of the Italian youths in Bulgaria, even more fulfilling a rich cultural program was provided, which allowed them not only to learn new things in the field of pedagogy and psychology, enriching their knowledge, but also to learn more about the history and the traditions in Bulgaria. The group had the chance to see some of the most famous and beautiful places in Bulgaria, visiting the Rila Monastery, The Boyana Church, experiencing the unique architecture and atmosphere of Plovdiv, known as the city of the six hills and having a walk in Vitosha National park, which is one of the tourists symbols of Sofia and the closest site for hiking, alpinism and skiing. We even had the chance to visit the Italian Embassy in Sofia.

  We said goodbye to each other with promises for new meetings, because if you visit Bulgaria once, it will stay in your heart forever.