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77A, "Hristo Botev" blv, fl. 3
Sofia 1303, Bulgaria
Tel./fax: 359 2 931 24 00
              359 2 931 18 02
Mob. tel.: 0887 705 325

77A "Hristo Botev" Blvd., Fl. 3,
Sofia1303, Bulgaria

Phone:  +359 2 931 24 00
Mobile.: +359 893 414 404, 
             +359 888 745 059















Personal Konsult- Gantcho Popov (PKGP) profile on

EASME (EXECUTIVE Agency for SMe’s)

COS-TOUR-2015-3-04: Supporting Competitive and Sustainable Growth in the Tourism Sector



Personal Konsult - Gantcho Popov” (PKGP) is a small company, established in 1991 in Sofia, Bulgaria. It is registered and works with the Main scope of activity which includes: Diagnosis and Management of Human resources; Qualification-consultancy; Design and prepress; Publishing & PR; Media planning, Organization and events implementation.

The Company is certified under BDS EN ISO 9001:2008, Valid Quality Certificate №BAS QMS V 707-1 in the area of: Consultancy; Mediator & Expert activity; Preparation, Management and implementation of Projects, Procurement and Public events; Preparation, Methodological providing and implementation of trainings.  

We work in three main directions:

1. Consultancy department - works in the field of HRM and HRD (employability, social inclusion, trainings); Project development and implementation. We have successfully completed projects, financed by Life Long Learning ProgrammeEMOLL (510007-2010-LLP-CZ-LEONARDO-LMP) – “Efficiency measurement of lifelong learning, using balanced scorecard concept”, EQUIP II (2010-1-FI1-LEO05-0305) – “European Education, Competences and Qualifications in Home Care for Older People”. This year we organized a Grundtvig workshop (2013-1-BG1-GRU-13-00078) “Motivate learning”, financed by LLP. Now we work actively on Project Job Skills (2013-TR-LEO04-481014), financed by LLP, Leonardo da Vinci.

2. Publishing department – the Company has more than 20-years long tradition in publishing of specialized literature on Accounting, Human resource management, Health management, etc. PKGP is publisher of two magazines – “Human Resources” and “Eurofunds Projects Procurement" designed for Governmental & Municipal administration; Embassies; Universities; NGO & Business organizations. On annual basis, from 2003, the Company organizes and conducts an Official ceremony of awarding “Human resource Manager”.

3. Tourist department PKGP is an officially registered Tour operator and Travel agent (License №PK-01-69-66), specialized in the field of: Social and accessible tourism; Eco-tourism, SPA- and Rehabilitation tourism, Cultural and Archaeological tourism.

We are partner and we are working on project: EU Sky Route (SI2.655609), financed by European commission, DG Industry and Enterprise. As a Travel agency we offer different tourist products including programs for Mountain hiking, Mountain trials, bird-watching in natural parks and preserve zones, Photo tourism. “Personal Konsult - Gantcho Popov” has experience in project work in international environment. We are also experienced in organization of dissemination activities, promotion of new tourist products and networking.

Based on years of experience, the services we offer are characterized by high quality, professionalism, reliability and flexibility.

The Company has developed a wide National and International network, as well as Network of National and European partnerships in the field of VET and has huge expertise in the organization and successful implementation of trainings, awareness campaigns, conferences, seminars and round tables, as well as dissemination activities in the country and abroad in various fields like HR development and management, social services, administrative services, sustainable regional development, cooperation, culture and education. It works in close cooperation with a number of Bulgarian municipalities, universities, NGOs and associations.


Successfully completed workshop "Motivate learning"

In May for five days Bulgarian organisation "Personal Konsult- G. Popov" was host organisation of  workshop "Motivate learning" (2013-1-BG1 GRU-13-00078), funded by European commission, LLP, Grundtvig sectoral programe. The workshop was attended by representatives of Croatia, Italy, Turkey, Slovenia and Bulgaria who had. opportunity to increase their knowledge and skills for teaching adults to learn new methods for motivating learners, to share best practices and to become familiar with Bulgarian traditions and culture.


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This project has been funded with support from the European Commission. This publication reflects the views only of the author, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.


"EU SKY ROUTE" (SI2.655609),  funded by European Commission, DG ENTERPRISE AND INDUSTRY

This project aims to draw a rout of astronomical sites in Europe giving value to our Astronomy heritage. Gathering both  knowledge and observation of the current sky, and the knowledge acquired by the European wise people and scientist  of all times that have been enabling and achieve a common social economic development. This project aims to initiate and strengthen a filed of work with all actors involved in local development to promote the growth of economic activity and employability in tourist offer of quality  environment  to the European scientific “knowledge”.
Participants are organizations from Spain, Italy, Portugal, Poland, Greece and Bulgaria.


"JOB SKILLS" (2013-1-TR1-LE004-481014), partnership project funded by the EU's 
Leonardo da Vinci  programme

The main objective of this partnership is to share and compare skills and competences in the field of vocational education and training. The funds will be used for practice purpose by sharing experiences, sharing ideas and  development of training programs. One of the main goals is to increase the attractiveness of vocational education and training of and to promote the mobility of employees. 
Participants are organizations from Turkey, Italy, Poland, France, Spain and Bulgaria.


Personal Konsult- Gantcho Popov (PKGP) profile on