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77A, "Hristo Botev" blv, fl. 3
Sofia 1303, Bulgaria
Tel./fax: 359 2 931 24 00
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Mob. tel.: 0887 705 325

77A "Hristo Botev" Blvd., Fl. 3,
Sofia1303, Bulgaria

Phone:  +359 2 931 24 00
Mobile.: +359 893 414 404, 
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A nongovernmental organization whose overall objective is to contribute to the successful implementation of the human resources in Bulgaria in accordance with the European integration processes through the following specific objectives:
- to apply the basic trends in the development of human resources in accordance with the processes of European integration;
- to investigate and implement international best practices in the development and implementation of successful social practices;
- to define key trends process of training, retraining and lifelong learning in order to improve the adaptability of human resources in the labor market;
- to define different target groups having  common needs and problems human resources and to conduct their training;
- to establish and maintain a database of National and International NGOs working in the field of human resources;
- to develop socially significant projects that would support the efforts of the authorities and NGOs for the successful adaptation of human resources;
- to examine, analyze and monitor the labor market and make proposals for National and Regional employment programs;
- to participate in the development and application of modern methods of recruitment, motivation, assessment and staff development.

The Foundation „Human Resources in Bulgaria and the Euro integration“ is the initiator and coordinator of the Annual awards “Manager Human Resources” and “Manager Social Activities” with the kind support of Ministry of Labour and Social Policy.